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The village of Nunton grew up in Saxon times around a farmstead whose occupants grew pulses and corn on 12 hectares of land. Its early history was tied in with Downton, where the moderately luxurious villa was the centre of a typical Roman farmstead until it was superseded by Saxon settlement on sites nearer the river, and was deserted.

Nunton's lands reached back from the Ebble some 4 miles to the Wiltshire-Hampshire border beyond Grim's ditch.  The parish church of St Andrew is beautifully situated, the present building dates from 1854-55 and consists of a nave, chancel, south aisle, Lady Chapel and short tower.  The church stands on the site of an earlier church believed to date to Saxon times, the only remains of which are the pillars of the chancel arch, the west arch of the chapel and opposite wall.