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Fifield BavantA hamlet rather than a village, and no longer a separate parish, Fifield Bavant deserves a mention as it boasts the smallest church in Wiltshire and reputedly the second smallest in England.

 The name of Fifield Bavant has evolved over the centuries; the Domesday Book records the manor as Fifehide (probably derived from five hides, a hide being an area of land that would support a household).  By 1264 if was called Fifield Scudamore after lord of the manor Peter de Scudamore, this changed in the mid 1400s to Fiffehyde Beaufaunt when ownership passed to the Beaufaunt family, whose name was later spelt Bavant.

A separate parish for eight centuries it was gradually subsumed into neighbouring Bowerchalke and then extinguished when the remaining acres were annexed to Ebbesbourne Wake.

The delightful church of St Martin of Tours was erected in the 13th century and the flint and stone walls are almost entirely original, as are the stone cross on the east gable and the lancet window at the north end of the chancel.  The turret was added in the early part of the 20th century, replacing an earlier one.